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Hyper Mag 2

The 2nd amazing issue of Hyperrealism Magazine is finally out!
In this one we have had the opportunity to talk with Eloy Morales about his art and his recent experience as a protagonist of a beautiful docufilm; Antonio Cazorla launches an important message to emerging artists and gives us some sneak-peek on his next solo exhibition at the Bernarducci Gallery.
There are interviews with outstanding talented artists: Anne-Christine Roda, Jan Nelson and Matthew Shutt talk about their art and their future projects.
All this and many other exclusive contents in the second issue of Hyperrealism Magazine!
Enjoy the reading!



Cover artist: Eloy Morales; Back cover: Antonio Cazorla‘s solo exhibition in the Bernarducci Gallery

Featured artists:

Anne-Christine Roda, Jan Nelson, Matthew Shutt, Evan Respeto, Angel Ivanov, Donatella Marcatajo, Paul Corfield, Johan Abeling, Christophe Drochon.

Extra: Art For Women’s Sake, A Tea with Eloy Morales, Never Give Up Story with Antonio Cazorla, Surely you know… Alyssa Monks.



You can buy the digital & print issue HERE

For any other info about the mag: HERE 


What is Hyperrealism?

L’Iperrealismo è un genere d’arte figurativa che cerca, tramite più fasi di lavoro, di avvicinarsi al realismo di una fotografia.

Hyperrealism is a genre of painting, which tries to get as close as possible to the realism of a photo with a lot of steps. 

E’ considerato un’evoluzione del “Fotorealismo“. Quest’ultimo nasce tra gli anni ’60 e gli anni ’70 in America, partorito da un desiderio comune di stupire sempre di più l’osservatore, in un’epoca che vede messo in discussione ogni talento, con la grande diffusione dell’arte informale e astratta. I soggetti del Fotorealismo seguono l’onda della Pop Art, ritraendo la frivolezza della società e soprattutto immagini di prodotti commerciali.

It’s considered an evolution of “Photorealism“. This one is born between the 60’s and the 70’s in USA, in an era that sees questioned every talent because of widespread of abstract art. Photorealism subjects follow Pop Art ones, portraying the frivolity of the society and its commercial products.

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