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Mysterious atmospheres of Johan Abeling

Tempelbos-road II 2017 61x95cm oil on panel

Johan Abeling is a Dutch artist who creates suggestive landscapes characterized by the total desolation of the shown places and by the fog, a recurring leitmotif in his artworks.  He uses the Sfumato technique to increase the mysterious atmosphere in his paintings, this technique first applied by Leonardo Da Vinci, requires several layers of trasparent paint and softening tones.

“This method helps me create a fine haze that builds up an atmospheric perspective and adds mystery.”


Abeling’s paintings put the nature at the heart of everything. He almost totally excludes the human presence, leaving just some traces of its passage through elements, like abandoned houses and picket fences. These landscapes represent a sort of moment frozen in time, a surreal, peaceful but also discomforting scene, where the viewer could find his personal visions, meaning and feelings.

No bikes please 2003 75x100cm oil on panel

We had the pleasure to interview Johan Abeling in the first issue of Hyperrealism Magazine:

Most of your paintings represent natural landscapes without human presence.
We think that everyone, seeing them, could feel the silence and the sense of isolation transmitting. What is your relationship with nature?
Sometimes I am afraid that we have lost the sense of being part of nature, that we no longer have an eye for its beauty and healing power. In this hectic world where there’s almost no time for contemplation, I hope my paintings add to a sense of connection with the mysterious magnificence and restorative serenity of nature.

You can read the entire interview in the Hyperrealism Magazine #1:



Johan Abeling website



The Power of Art

Since time immemorial, there are a lot of ways to make art: someone loves to paint beautiful or sensual figures, someone else paints eternal and peaceful landscapes. But there are also some artists that want to use their talent to spread some social messages, perhaps provocative and strong, as a way to sensitise people towards those themes.
Hyperrealism has also this type of “social artists”.

Esistono tanti modi di fare arte, c’è chi fa dell’estetica il suo punto di forza attraverso figure che esprimono bellezza o sensualità o con paesaggi che instaurano nell’osservatore sensazioni di benessere. C’è poi, chi invece, usa il proprio talento per lanciare messaggi alla società, avvolte provocatori, con lo scopo di sensibilizzare ed attrarre l’attenzione degli osservatori verso una precisa problematica.


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