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Hyper Mag 2

The 2nd amazing issue of Hyperrealism Magazine is finally out!
In this one we have had the opportunity to talk with Eloy Morales about his art and his recent experience as a protagonist of a beautiful docufilm; Antonio Cazorla launches an important message to emerging artists and gives us some sneak-peek on his next solo exhibition at the Bernarducci Gallery.
There are interviews with outstanding talented artists: Anne-Christine Roda, Jan Nelson and Matthew Shutt talk about their art and their future projects.
All this and many other exclusive contents in the second issue of Hyperrealism Magazine!
Enjoy the reading!



Cover artist: Eloy Morales; Back cover: Antonio Cazorla‘s solo exhibition in the Bernarducci Gallery

Featured artists:

Anne-Christine Roda, Jan Nelson, Matthew Shutt, Evan Respeto, Angel Ivanov, Donatella Marcatajo, Paul Corfield, Johan Abeling, Christophe Drochon.

Extra: Art For Women’s Sake, A Tea with Eloy Morales, Never Give Up Story with Antonio Cazorla, Surely you know… Alyssa Monks.



You can buy the digital & print issue HERE

For any other info about the mag: HERE 


The Power of Art

Since time immemorial, there are a lot of ways to make art: someone loves to paint beautiful or sensual figures, someone else paints eternal and peaceful landscapes. But there are also some artists that want to use their talent to spread some social messages, perhaps provocative and strong, as a way to sensitise people towards those themes.
Hyperrealism has also this type of “social artists”.

Esistono tanti modi di fare arte, c’è chi fa dell’estetica il suo punto di forza attraverso figure che esprimono bellezza o sensualità o con paesaggi che instaurano nell’osservatore sensazioni di benessere. C’è poi, chi invece, usa il proprio talento per lanciare messaggi alla società, avvolte provocatori, con lo scopo di sensibilizzare ed attrarre l’attenzione degli osservatori verso una precisa problematica.


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416979258You need courage to restart and never give up.
There’s no luck, we build our fate day-to-day.
Mario Calabresi

Ci vuole il coraggio di ripartire e di non farsi mai abbattere.
La fortuna non esiste, la costruiamo noi ogni giorno.
Mario Calabresi

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